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sheet music

sheet music

Llobet, Miguel - El Noi de la Mare


Miguel Llobet Soles, 1878-1938, was a Spanish virtuoso guitarist and composer. He studied with Francisco Tarrega in Barcelona then he went on to perform in Paris, Buenos Aires, the Caribbean, and later Boston, Philadelphia and New York. He taught guitar and one well-known student was Andres Segovia. Alongside his own compositions for guitar, Llobet arranged many Catalan folk songs including this beautiful Christmas lullaby 'El Noi De La Mare' (meaning 'The Child of the Mother') This arrangement by Helen Vollam is featured on our CD ten .

Level: Intermediate

Score and parts provided. Parts for Trombones 1-3 are provided in both bass clef and Bb treble clef.

Duration: 2.5 minutes

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